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Why Wear a Rugby Scrum Cap?

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Jillion Potter of the USA Rugby Eagles.

Rugby players are not required to wear any safety equipment beyond a mouth guard (which isn't technically required...) but you will see a large percentage wearing the scrum cap. This is of course a replacement of rugby players a decade ago that taped their ears!

There are of course varying strong opinions about scrum camps or any protective gear at all while playing rugby. Some feel that nothing should be worn as it's a tough man's sport. But other swear by the hat and especially those in the scrum. 

We are particularly fond of the Canterbury Ventilator or the Canterbury Club Plus. Both are approved by the IRB and come with a comfortable chin strap to make sure it stays on your head!

Keep in mind that some players wear scrum caps to help with concussions but there is not proof of protection at this point. We are of the mindset that they will protect you from other injuries including cauliflower ear, head wounds and keep that pesky hair back for those of you with long flowing locks. 

We offer each CCC scrum cap in black or we can help you get a custom scrum cap if you'd like, just email us at RUCK ON!