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You can help Randal by donating to his  GoFundMe page or purchase a Gas Mask Kettlebell T-Shirt or Tank Top (proceeds go to Randal). THANKS!

Bluebonnet 7s Place 2nd at #Bloodfest7s

Congratulations to the Bluebonnets as they placed 2nd in the #Bloodfest7s Tournament. Up next is the first #RRRC7s Tournament back in Austin this weekend. Bloodfest Developmental Team Savannah Campbell, Oklahoma Roses Toni Lloyd, Griffins Jennifer Swenton, Oklahoma Roses Brenda Ramirez, Austin Valkyries Lauren Rushing, Tulsa Barbara Blair, At Large Lakysha Mosley, At Large Stella Keck, Rice University Courtney Applewhite, HARC Diana Lainez, Texas A&M Gina Steffano, HARC Autumn Murrill, [...]

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We Support Bluebonnet 7s!

Rugby Ninja and YSC proudly support the creation of the Bluebonnet 7s team. Pre-order your Bluebonnet 7s Support Tee by clicking on the tshirt over there...Following the model of the Chicago Lions and Youngbloodz, a new 7s Club team called the Bluebonnets has been created with the All Star model in mind. The Bluebonnets are [...]

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MARCH MADNESS? Rugby Ninja and YSC Rugby combine for FITNESS and RUGBY MADNESS!

Ashley (Shalay) and Wendy have been friends since 2006 when they met each other on a rugby pitch under a bright sun and blue sky. Whether it was the rugby Gods or another force in the Universe they were meant to meet. Since then Ashley and Wendy have both created their own rugby empires!Ashley created Rugby [...]

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Rugby Ninja and YSC Rugby Participating in Bigcommerce Big Sale #SXSMB

The BIG Sale is the first collaborative flash sale just for Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs), featuring brands both big and small who have come together to share great products at a great discount. Curated and delivered by Bigcommerce, the leading e-commerce platform for fast-growth businesses, The BIG Sale helps brands increase their reach and [...]

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