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Bluebonnets fall to Austin Knights at RRRC 2

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The Bluebonnets lost in the Cup Final of the RRRC Tulsa Tournament to the Austin Knights (Valkyries) 17-10. From the beginning of the Bluebonnets program it was a goal to raise the level of 7s competition in the RRRC and that is exactly what has happened! The other teams in the area have responded and are training, learning and growing at a rapid rate!

The Bluebonnets have taken two different teams to each RRRC tournament and it will be no different for the third round in Houston, TX. With the standings up in the air, the women's RRRC Series is a hotbed right now. Good luck to all of the teams in Houston, TX on July 26th for the final round of RRRC 7s.

The eventual winner of the RRRC Series (based on points and standings) will travel to the 2014 USA Rugby Emirates Airline Men’s and Women’s Club 7s Championships in Seattle, WA on Aug 9-10, 2014. You can donate to the Bluebonnets Nationals fund here or purchase a tank top here (all proceeds go to team).